So, this is embarrassing, but bear with us. We excitedly wrote an entire page for Kabor, the Darkling Lord, on the assumption that his name was a blatant clue to his totem form. You should have seen all the information and jokes about cabers we had crammed in here. And no dirty jokes about 'tossing the Kabor'. No, clean, inoffensive yet hilarious jokes.

Then we got hold of higher res scans of the Toy Fair Catalogue which contains the only photograph of Kabor and released to our dismay that his totem isn't a Scottish caber. So we had to start from scratch. We should have realised that a caber wasn't much of a magical totem. We just figured that was why Kabor didn't get a retail release.


  • Kabor (1988 - cancelled)
    • Accessories: Helmet, warhammer and power shield
The first thing you'll likely notice about Kabor is his magnificent helmet, which looks like the head of a rhino that's been hollowed out and worn on the side. Unfortunately, on closer inspection, it's not really a rhino's head, so why it has two spikes sticking out on the side, we couldn't tell you. The black and white armour is very fetching however, though the barnacle-like growths on the left of the torso are incredibly strange.
Kabor's power shield has an odd little growth on the top as well. Some kind of bug perhaps? Who knows. His weapon is a an impressive stone-headed warhammer. The power shield's hologram has a skeleton creature apparently juggling what we can only assume are brains. Depicted on the chest hologram is a large-headed monster pointing ominously at the viewer.


  • Yep, another cancelled figure, another set of holograms that could represent anything. The totem one is especially bizarre.
    Kabor Chest

    Chest holo concept art.

  • Kabor's working name was "cliff dweller".
  • Kabor's card art depicts him with a gun, the prototype of which is labelled as a "winch", but his catalogue appearance shows him with a warhammer.

Wait, they both have beards; which one is the evil one?!

  • Kabor's head is quite similar to Braxe's but they are subtly different. Given how many figures in this wave have black hair, it's odd that Hasbro would give two such similar moustaches and goatees.

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